A selection of my social contributions

Water Well Projects

I fund water well projects in villages without access to clean water in Cambodia, India and Kenya.

I don’t give gifts to my friends and family. Instead each time I dig a water well, I put up a wall/board next to it with their names on it. I also pass my friends the GPS coordinates for the well, so when they visit these countries, they can visit this place with their name on it and see how much of a difference the water well has made to these people.

Relief Project

In November 2013 Tacloban, a city in Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

I was part of a relief mission organized by The relief team contained doctors and engineers. I was part of the logistic team and helped with the sourcing of tools, setting up of medical camp, clean water project and clearing out debris and rallying the locals to join us to clean up public areas.

iFix Initiative

Back in India, a bunch of us would venture out in the night and fix pot holes in the roads all night. We got our hands dirty, bought the cement and stones, did the mixing and applied it to the road as well as set up road blocks till the cement settled and came back to take away the blocks.

100s of potholes were fixed by us in many areas during this monthly meetup.

Anhui Farm Project

In 2011 I helped some farmers in a poor village near Hefei, Anhui, setup their organic farm and improve the yield, in exchange for Chinese and cooking lessons. It was a physically demanding job. We would wake up at 5AM in near 0 deg C weather and work till 5pm in the evening. With no internet, no mobile phone signal and just the village and its simple people, I had a soul cleansing stint there.