Big Race - Make Your Trip

In 2008 I co-organized and took part in The Big Race. Satish, a seasoned traveler and blogger, and I decided to open up an adventure race.

Participants with Rs. 1000 (USD $20) and a backpack, were grouped in teams of 2, with starting points either Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai.

The challenge was to travel to 10 locations spread across the states of Kerala, Karanataka, Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu covering over 5000km, in 15 days with just the Rs. 1000. Your transport, food, accommodation etc. for 15 days have to be managed withing $20.

Ok Tata Bye Bye, a subsidiary of sponsored the race.

It was a grueling 15 days trip, where as a 21 year old I was exposed to life on the street. When you can be on the road for 15 days with literally no money, you gain confidence and become ultra secure about your life.

  • Pandavapura (Near Srirangapatnam, Karnataka)
  • Ului (Near Karwar, Karnataka)
  • Mungal (South of Hydrebad, AndhraPradesh)
  • Sangam (Near Nellore, AndhraPradhesh)
  • Uttumalai (Near Tenkasi, TamilNadu)
  • Jayamkondacholapuram (Near Mannarkudi, TamilNadu)
  • Chembakolli (Near Nilgiris, TamilNadu)
  • Kottar (Near Quilon, Kerala)
  • Kaladi (Near Cochin, Kerala)
  • Valiyanur (Between Kozhikode & Tellicherry, Kerala)